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July 2024 Monarch's Message

Greetings Prophets:

Here we are halfway through my year. We are about to take a summer break. Some of the great things you may of missed in June. On June 1, we had our Fermentation Gathering was held at the Paper Moon Vineyards in Vermillion. Nine prophets and ladies enjoyed food and wine.

The Supreme Council Session was in New Orleans. Unfortunately, a lot of us could not attend. MC David Darling, PM, and his Lady Rhonda, Supreme Zulette, and PMCO Lillian Kovacs, Supreme Directress of Daughters of Mokanna attended representing Al Sirat.

The Executive Board meeting was on June 8 to plan for Awards Night and the Family Picnic held on June 15 at the Brookside Cleveland Metro Park. It was well attended by many prophets and ladies, family and friends. A lot of food was brought and PM Gary Mikoch and his helpers did a great job cooking. Prophet Robert Wehrle had games for us to play. We also celebrate the 100 year of The Black Fez.

Father's Day was the next day. I hope you had a nice day with your family. On June 17 we held our Awards Night. It began with a great dinner by Barbara Gannon DOM. We then retired to the Lodge room to present awards for 4 Prophets for 50 years of service to Al Sirat, PM Terry Kempke, Terrill R Saylor, Henry Kendig, Jr., and Thomas Ullmo. Pictures were taken and thanks were given. We had our guests retire and then continued with our meeting. We then closed and had refreshments in the Dining Room.

We had a Black Fez meeting on June 18 at PM Joe Huber's. This closed out in June. We still have things to do, an EX Board meeting on July 13, chaired by CJ Ed Hoover. Then we will take a short break.

We look forward to our Charitable Golf Outing on August 10th, the Clambake on October 12th, and the Black Fez 100th Anniversary Party on December 14th. There may be some additional activities in between.

Keep reading the Black Fez for more fun and good fellowship.

Remember, Out of Site, Out of Mind.

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