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Past Monarch's Scholarship Fund

The Past Monarchs’ Scholarship Fund was proposed and outlined by Monarch Charles Jun on January 16, 1965, to wit:

Beginning with Monarch Charles Jun, each Monarch shall include $2,000 of his budget to be contributed to the Scholarship Fund until the total reaches $10,000.

This amount shall then become the principal base of the Scholarship Fund and shall be held inviolate.

The interest derived from the principal shall become the basis of the grant or fellowship awards, and only this money shall be used solely for scholarship distribution.

The proposal was voted upon and approved by the body in attendance at the annual meeting of January 16, 1965.

The Scholarship grant is for the purpose of supplying financial aid to a student, bent on furthering his education, who otherwise may find it a financial hardship.


  1. The incumbent Monarch shall appoint a Chairman.

  2. The Chairman will organize his Committee.

  3. Six members shall comprise the Scholarship Committee: Four Past Monarchs, one of whom shall be the Chairman, the incumbent Monarch and one Prophet.

  4. The six members will be the Trustees of the Past Monarchs’ Scholarship Fund and will administer the program, have full authority to make rules and regulations governing the program, and make final decisions on all matters thereof.

  5. The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairman.

  6. The Committee will receive and administer all funds and applications.

  7. All funds received by the Committee are to be deposited to the Scholarship Fund account and shall remain inviolate.

  8. All disbursements shall be made from the accumulated interest of the Fund.

  9. All funds shall be deposited in a recognized financial institution which affords the highest rate of interest and safeguards.

  10. The annual award shall be not less than $500 each. The possibility of more than one award will depend upon the amount of accrued interest.

  11. The Chairman shall prepare and present a full report of the status and activity of the Fund annually, or as called upon by the Monarch.

  12. There will be no discrimination in the selection o fthe student – men and women are eligible.

  13. Those eligible to apply for scholarship awards are the children or grandchildren, including adopted, of Prophets of Al Sirat Grotto in good standing.

  14. The student must be in his or her senior year in high school and be prepared to graduate from same and enter college as a Freshman in the same year.

  15. Candidates for scholarship will be required to take – at their own expense – the Scholarship Aptitude Test (SAT) given by the designated college.

  16. In addition, students will be required to file the following with their application:

    1. A letter containing their name, complete address, telephone number and name of the high school they are presently attending. This letter must also contain the name and relationship of the Prophet, in good standing, through whom they are applying.

    2. A letter of recommendation from their high school principal or student advisor.

    3. A letter of recommendation from two persons other than members of their families.

    4. Transcript of their scholastic record to date.

    5. A list of their extracurricular activities and evidence of their participation.

    6. Name of college designate and the student’s major.

    7. Student’s picture (small)

  17. Any eligible student, who desires to participate in this program may apply to the Trustees of the Past Monarchs’ Scholarship Fund and comply with the requirements set forth.

  18. All applications will be considered on a competitive basis.

  19. All applications must be submitted between March 1 and May 31.

Mail all applications to:


Past Monarchs’ Scholarship Fund

C/O Al Sirat Grotto

10200 Memphis Avenue

Brooklyn, Ohio 44144

The Past Monarchs’ Scholarship Fund was proposed and outlined by Monarch Charles Jun on January 16, 1965,

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